Callaway Quad Net Review

Callaway Quad Net Review

The Callaway Quad Net is one, if not the, most popular golf nets sold on the market. As you can see above, it has a large square design with a hanging target in the middle to hone trajectory and aim. It’s sold at a price point that doesn’t break the bank, but performs well as a high quality golf practice net.

Features and Benefits

The high strength netting on this model is noted as some of the most durable on the market,  withstanding even the hardest hit driver shots by high swing speed golfers.

The ease of set up and take down of this model is noted by many customer reviews on Amazon. Unlike other models on the market, it advertises simple set up, and delivers simple set up.

It comes with a nylon carrying case for simple storage and portability.

The net is very durable. There are many customer reviews that have been “amended” after a years worth of use, reporting that the net is still performing well with regular use.

The net is large, measuring 8 feet by 8 feet, allowing for the use of wedges. It comes with stakes and can be set up indoors or outdoors.

You Get What You Pay For?

The price tag is a little bit high, with an average price tag of around $180.00.  However, just like with many golf net models, you get what you pay for. Some choose cheaper models only to have to return the product and purchase this one in the end.

Again, one may need to look at the short and long term money savings to justify purchasing a higher priced net like this. At $180, after practicing with the net for 18 practice sessions, it is paying for itself (at $10 per bucket of balls these days).

Positives and Negatives

Thumbs up Large 8′ x 8′ design which is great for mishits and any club in the bag.

Thumbs up Extremely durable and reliable.

Thumbs up Very satisfied reviews from customers with a long history of product use.

Slightly high price tag for many people.

Thumbs up Adjustable hanging target.

Customer Satisfaction

Callaway Quad Net Reviews Graphic

Overall, customer reviews for the Callaway Quad Net are satisfactory. As you can see above, the net rates 5 and 4 stars for most of the customers.

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The Callaway Quad net is a highly recommended model by us here at It has a history in the market of great performance, well documented in customer reviews. It’s also very large and the golfer can use any club in the bag, no matter the loft or force of shot. It’s a little higher priced, but the durability makes up for it for sure. Purchase the Callaway Quad Net, and your sure to get a solid golf net that performs well.

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  1. Any idea if it’s possible to just buy the square hanging target? We have the rest of the set, but the target has split in half. Thanks!

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